Janasena Chief Sold His own House for JSP !


Even though Janesna Chief Paway Kanlyan came from a top league actor to politics, he didn’t left much money for the sake of his personal expeditures. Infact he keeps on donating to the poor in a while even before coming to politics.

From the time when Pawan Kalyan entered into full fledged politics in early last year, he spending all the time to solve and to know the problems of Andhra Pradesh people.

Recently, Pawan Kalyan sold his own house for running Janasena party and mortgaged all his property and earnings for people. The only reason behind this is his selfless voice to serve the people.

On other hands, there are reports that other political parties like TDP and YCRCP are spending heavy amount to see the defeat of Pawan Kalyan in Gajuwaka. Let’s see who wins the fight among the peoples serving party and peoples looting parties.