Janasena bringing out the much needed change in A.P politics!


The elections wave has already started in Andhra Pradesh and with only three weeks away from the BIG DAY, almost all the parties announced their candidates for the respective constituencies. While the lists of TDP and YSRCP are all filled with the expected candidates which they’ve been contesting since previous elections,the one party that’s making the right sound with the selection of candidates is Janasena Party. Although it’s the first time JSP is contesting in the AP General elections,the main priority is being given to the worthy candidates irrespective of Caste, Religion and Political seniority especially to the youth.

JSP announced it’s fifth list of candidates and there’s one candidate who deserves to be mentioned. He is a young participant of the Janasena Leadership Program,Gongoda Gowri Shankar contesting as MLA from Parvathipuram,Vizianagaram district. He hails from a family of daily labourer where his father is a agriculture labourer and his mother is a vegetable vendor. In the days when MP and MLA seats were being given to the candidates prioritized by the seniority and popularity,JSP is bringing out the must needed change in Indian Politics i.e giving a chance to the under privileged, worthy young candidates who have been waiting for their turn to bring change . Let’s see how it goes through the course of elections and how much impact it’s going to create among the youth.