Censor Board Members are Settled with Those People to Stop the Release of Lakhmi’s NTR !


We all know know that Lakshmi’s NTR based on the controversy of “vennupotu”. As it was releasing before elections , it may effect perception of people on ruling party. So censor board members are said to reject the censor of Lakhmi’s NTR. However it is against Supreme court orders. Upon this factor RGV announced that he is going to lodge a complaint against censor board.

Latest we hear that there were high profile politicians are behind upon declining the censor of Lakhmi’s NTR. Censor board members got instructions and settled with high profile people from AP to stop the release of this movie as much as they can. Did Lakshmi’s NTR postpones again until elections !? How RGV faces all these issues are generating curiosity among the fans and neutral audience as well.